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Who We Are

Your one stop shop with everything you need to use Chess to build stronger family relationships that will last you a lifetime!

Our Mission

At Chess Board Club, our mission is to make learning chess enjoyable activity that dads and grandads do with their kids.

We want you to give your loved one a memory that will last forever, same as your dad or graddad did for you!

How do we do this?
We provide a Chess Board that you can cherish together and pass it down the generations along with everything you need to get started!

Why Chess Board Club

At Chess Board Club, we know that teaching chess is more than just moving pieces.

It's about making memories and bonding across generations.

That's why our Chess Board and Guides are crafted with care, making sure every game is a moment of laughter, learning, and connection for you and your family!

What do we offer​

A Family Heirloom Chess Set
A FREE Guide to get your started
A Plan on how to connect and teach your kids Chess

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Ready to give your family the memories that will last them a lifetime? Grab an old Chess Board or our Chess Board
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Set some time apart with your loved one
Teach them the basics

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